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We have a Rendezvous with Destiny.


The 101st Airborne Division Association was established to maintain the camaraderie and preserve the memory of those who served; perpetuating the Screaming Eagle heritage and traditions for future generations; while supporting our veterans and the current Eagles as the Division continues its ongoing Rendezvous with Destiny. As an organization of military personnel and veterans, we have from time to time an opportunity to provide additional benefits to our members. In this regard, I am pleased to announce an exciting new relationship between the 101st Airborne Division Association and USAA, a company that began in 1922 with 25 Army officers who offered to insure each others vehicles when no one else would. This organization has grown in a respected institution offering a full range of financial products and services to millions of members.

As of today, USAA Bank is the exclusive credit card provider for the 101st Airborne Division Association. Available from both American Express® Card and Visa®, the 101st Airborne Division Association USAA Rewards™ Credit Card gives our members an easy way to support the 101st Airborne Division Association.

In addition, this new credit card offers you competitively low rates and reward points that you can redeem for travel, merchandise and other exciting rewards.

I’ve been a USAA member for more than 47 years, and I have been very pleased with their service. I encourage you to find out more about the card and apply as soon as you can. Because of the direct financial support for the 101st Airborne Division Association, it would be great if all members showed their pride by carrying and using the card.

Get your card today! Call 877-797-3101 or go online at www.usaa.com/101st

Airborne, Air Assault!
Richard A. Pack
Immediate Past President

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