Screaming Eagle Foundation Scholarship Recipients 2021-2022

Joshua Wong $4000 IMO Mary Redmond
Travis Doyle $3500 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Megan Kimsey $3500 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Ryan Pope $3500 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Lauren Utke $3000 IMO Mary Redmond
Sarah Kramer $3000 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Patrick Taylor $2500 Pratt Family Scholarship
Brady Hanson $2500 Pratt Family Scholarship
Sarah Schaefer $2500 IMO Steve Higdon
Alexander Snyder $2500 IMO Steve Higdon
Nathaniel Henkel $2000 IMO Albert Krochka & Werner Meier by NY/NJ Chpt & Chappie Hall
Peyton Rigg $2000 IMO Frank Mirabella & Joseph Pisano by NY/NJ Chpt & Chappie Hall
Kathryn Kimsey $2000 IMO Morley & Thelma Shamblen
Lila Williams $2000 IMO Dave Hanson & Ginney Smith, FGCC & Chappie Hall
Jason Herlick $2000 IMO Dale Wayrynen, MOH by R. Gillette & Chappie Hall
Joshua Amedeo $2000 IMO 1SG Joe Pilon, by William Ball & Martin Family
Loree Seitz $1750 IMO Col Harold Polson by the 327th IN Assn
Kalli McElrath $1500 IMO Col John P. Geraci by Christine Free
Fleuracy Aguste $1500 907th GFA BN & Chappie Hall
Brianna Peatrowsky $1500 SP4 Daniel Martin, William Latta & Martin Family & Chappie Hall
Emily Lucke $1500 IMO Jay Dawson by Cindy Boyd & Chappie Hall
Chandler Lewis $1500 IMO Nathan B. Cain & SP4 Jessica Ellis by Alicia Rackers & Wayne St. Louis
Abigail Aspinwall $1500 IMO Sgt Leslie Sabo, MOH by John P. Geraci Chpt & Chappie Hall
Victoria Martin $1500 IMO Ofren Arrechaga by Ken Roach & Chappie Hall
Emma Gorden $1500 Blottenberger Family & Chappie Hall
Madisyn Urban $1500 Chappie Hall Scholarship
Mathew Schaefer $2000 Al & Willamary Viste Scholarship
Lawrence Redmond $1000 Chappie Hall Scholarship


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