Screaming Eagle Foundation Scholarship Recipients 2021-2022

Joshua Wong $4000 IMO Mary Redmond
Travis Doyle $3500 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Megan Kimsey $3500 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Ryan Pope $3500 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Lauren Utke $3000 IMO Mary Redmond
Sarah Kramer $3000 Charles & Catherine Kratz
Patrick Taylor $2500 Pratt Family Scholarship
Brady Hanson $2500 Pratt Family Scholarship
Sarah Schaefer $2500 IMO Steve Higdon
Alexander Snyder $2500 IMO Steve Higdon
Nathaniel Henkel $2000 IMO Albert Krochka & Werner Meier by NY/NJ Chpt & Chappie Hall
Peyton Rigg $2000 IMO Frank Mirabella & Joseph Pisano by NY/NJ Chpt & Chappie Hall
Kathryn Kimsey $2000 IMO Morley & Thelma Shamblen
Lila Williams $2000 IMO Dave Hanson & Ginney Smith, FGCC & Chappie Hall
Jason Herlick $2000 IMO Dale Wayrynen, MOH by R. Gillette & Chappie Hall
Joshua Amedeo $2000 IMO 1SG Joe Pilon, by William Ball & Martin Family
Loree Seitz $1750 IMO Col Harold Polson by the 327th IN Assn
Kalli McElrath $1500 IMO Col John P. Geraci by Christine Free
Fleuracy Aguste $1500 907th GFA BN & Chappie Hall
Brianna Peatrowsky $1500 SP4 Daniel Martin, William Latta & Martin Family & Chappie Hall
Emily Lucke $1500 IMO Jay Dawson by Cindy Boyd & Chappie Hall
Chandler Lewis $1500 IMO Nathan B. Cain & SP4 Jessica Ellis by Alicia Rackers & Wayne St. Louis
Abigail Aspinwall $1500 IMO Sgt Leslie Sabo, MOH by John P. Geraci Chpt & Chappie Hall
Victoria Martin $1500 IMO Ofren Arrechaga by Ken Roach & Chappie Hall
Emma Gorden $1500 Blottenberger Family & Chappie Hall
Madisyn Urban $1500 Chappie Hall Scholarship
Mathew Schaefer $2000 Al & Willamary Viste Scholarship
Lawrence Redmond $1000 Chappie Hall Scholarship



Fellow Screaming Eagles,

It continues to be a difficult year for everyone as we continue to deal with the impact of COVID-19. This has created a great amount of uncertainty, making planning for events difficult, if not impossible. As there are still varied restrictions, travel and gathering guidance, infection rates and availability to the vaccine, it has made it difficult to lock down details for our annual reunion. Rather than provide incorrect information, we have delayed providing details until we were more certain of their accuracy.

After much discussion, the difficult decision has been made to not host the reunion in Tucson that was scheduled for later this year. We are in discussion with the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson to reschedule that reunion for August 2023. The Association had already committed to a reunion in Grand Rapids, MI at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel for August 2022 after being forced to cancel our 2020 reunion due to the pandemic. Rather than place our members at potential risk due to travel and gathering people from around the country, it seems that rescheduling until the situation is better is the best option with the least potential risk for our members.

Currently, the 101st Airborne Division is still planning to host its 2021 Week of the Eagles Celebration from the 21st to the 25th of June. This includes the ceremony for the Honorary Air Assault Badges for Vietnam Veterans as well as a recognition of the 20th Anniversary of the Gulf War. They have set a tentative time frame of Memorial Day Weekend to announce a final decision as to whether they are going to be able to host the event due to COVID guidance from the CDC, Department of the Army as well as state and local restrictions. If they are permitted to host that event, we will encourage you to take part in this event if you feel like your risk of contracting the virus is lowered due to receiving vaccinations and your own personal health risk assessment. We will continue to operate with your safety and health in mind. We ask for your understanding and continued support.


If you served in any branch of the United States Military, consider becoming a member of Together We Served- the largest online community of U.S. Military Veterans where you can quickly find and re-connect with old friends you served with. As an added bonus for being a 101st Airborne Division Association Member, you can claim a FREE 1 Year Premium Membership (a $19.95 value) to Together We Served which you can cancel at anytime, by going to https://join.togetherweserved.com/101ADA