Fellow Veterans,

The time is drawing nearer for the upcoming  2021 Week of the Eagles.  There are still several key things yet to be decided, but I wanted to provide the information that I had, and ask for your help in refining some of planning numbers for the lodging and meals.  The City of Clarksville Chamber is working with area hotels to provide each Brigade level unit a designated hotel for its veterans to book for their visit. This will also help in connecting veterans with each other as they meet in their hotels.   One of the important factors in determining what hotels will be used is the approximate number of required rooms for each unit. 

Veterans who will attend Week of the Eagles for the 30th Anniversary of Desert Storm recognition or to take part in the Honorary Air Assault Badge Ceremony for Vietnam Veterans of the 101st and 1st Cavalry Divisions, are asked to RSVP on the Fort Campbell Historical Foundation Website at this link: https://fortcampbell.com/events/ if they wish to attend the events.

By RSVPing for the event if you plan to attend, it will provide us a close estimate of the size and number of hotels required and perhaps more importantly for some, how much Mission BBQ we will need to feed everyone on June 24th from 12-3 PM.  Please help us by RSVPing for the event if you plan to attend. 

Lastly, as we all know too well, COVID-19 is still with us.  The Command at Fort Campbell has set a time frame of Memorial Day Weekend to make a final call if the Week of the Eagles Celebration can be held safely and in compliance with the guidance they have been given.  We will update you as soon as we are informed of any developments.  I would encourage you to still plan for the events and RSVP if you will attend.  Once the hotels are determined, I will send out links to each units designated hotel and information on how to make those reservations.  More information to follow as we receive it.  Thanks and hope to see many of you attend.