Snowbird Reunion 2022


2022 “Snowbird” Reunion Static Line Parachute Jump

The jump will be conducted under the operational control of the Phantom Airborne Brigade.

Any reunion attendees who wish to participate are invited to do so.

The cost of making the jump is $325.00 and the primary jump date is Saturday, February 12, 2022. Jumpers also have the option of making a second jump on Sunday, February 13, 2022. The cost is the same whether you make one jump or both jumps. This is mainly due to the cost of the air platform. The designated aircraft is going to be the Tico Belle C-47 from the Valiant Air Command in Florida.

The Phantom Airborne is looking to have a commitment of at least 40 jumpers between their members and our reunion attendees.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Jumper should have successfully completed basic military static line parachute training.
  • Jumpers should be in a mental and physical condition that they are capable of making a jump.
  • Jumpers must have a fatigue uniform with matching shirt or jacket and trousers. Military boots sutiable for making a parachute jump. No steel pots or Kevlar helmets are acceptable. The Phantom Airborne Brigade does have sufficient spare helmets to furnish for the jump.
  • Jumpers will receive refresher training as well as a safety briefing and instruction on the newest equipment utilized in static line parachute jumping by the Phantom Airborne Brigade.

Note: The Phantom Airborne Brigade is a first rate organization. I have been a member and actively involved with them for almost 10 years. I made my first jump at one of the “Snowbird” reunions and have made a total of 14 jumps including 3 water jumps since turning 64 years old. I also made 3 jumps in one day at one of our reunions. I have helped several of our comrades through making their reunion jumps including our current 101st Airborne Division Association President, Stan Paprocki.

If anyone has any questions or wishes to participate, please email me at or call me at (401)654-1940.

Jim Wheeler