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Screaming Eagles in Arlington National Cemetery

This partial list of 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) members who are buried/interned/memorialized in Arlington National Cemetery are listed by last names.

Rank –The listed rank is that on the tombstone.  It is not necessarily the rank held while serving in the 101st.  In some cases it is a rank awarded posthumously.

First Name –In some cases a (nickname) is listed.

Last Name – In alphabetical order.

Date of Death – An * indicates death in combat, or while deployed, or as a result of service in a combat zone.  In a few cases the individual was declared dead years after the probable date of death.  In those cases the probable date of death is listed.

Gravesite Number – A number preceded by the letter C indicates placement in the Columbarium.  The letters MC, MH, MI or MK indicate one of the “In Memoriam” areas.

Unit –This is the unit (or units) of the 101st to which the individual was assigned at some time.  The first entry is the war or conflict, if applicable, or station.

In the interest of brevity, abbreviations are used liberally. Some of the abbreviations are standard Army usage; some of the others are:

DS: Desert Storm                                                             DMMC: Division Materiel Management Center

FC: Fort Campbell, KY                                                    DAV: Disabled American Veterans

CB: Camp Breckenridge, KY                                         ADC: Assistant Division Commander

CJ: Camp Jackson, SC                                                    FSSE: Forward Service Support Element

CMH: Congressional Medal of Honor                       HoF: Hall of Fame

Anyone with additional information is asked to forward it to C.K. Gailey at ckgailey@hotmail.com

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